Laptop Donation for Learning

Out-of-date laptops may mean nothing to you but they are worth a lot to others. We, Laptop Recycle company would like to you help you take care of unwanted devices responsibly. We are Laptop Recycle Limited, an Auckland-based recycling organization that refurbishes old tech for non-profit, schools, libraries, low-income families in the poor countries.

Your donation of used laptops will make an amazing difference to organizations and communities we are partnered with. Please bring your old laptops to our drop off center at:

63 Apollo Dr, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand 0632.

If you are the corporate company and want to renew all your equipment, please let us take responsibility for your old equipment. We will make sure all your valuable donation given to the ones who are in need. Moreover, your IT asset donation is tax deductible and your computer hard drives will be wiped before we reuse it. Please fill in this form if you want to donate more than 10 laptops/mobiles. We will come to your place to pick up and deliver them to those who need (Free pick-up in Auckland